10 Amazing Places to Visit in Luxembourg

1. Chemin de la Corniche

Chemin de la Corniche Luxembourg

One of the most spectacular views in any European capital can be had by strolling the 600m-long Chemin de la Corniche, which winds its way along a bluff overlooking the river. The walk, which is one of the top things to do in Luxembourg City, overlooks the Grund district far below, with its green fields and church spires, offering beautiful views over this part of the city. The path is undulating but accessible to anyone with reasonable mobility. Start your walk at the Plateau de Saint-Esprit at the Chemin’s southern end and work your way north to the Bock Casemates.

2. Luxembourg old town

Luxembourg old town Luxembourg

Luxembourg’s old town (known as the Ville Haute or Upper Town) is a compact district which is easy to explore on foot, and is the best starting point for your Luxembourg sightseeing. restaurants and the best of Luxembourg city shopping alongside some of the major landmarks of the city. Best approached from the Boulevard F D Roosevelt for the most dramatic views of the building, Notre Dame Cathedral is the religious heart of the nation and one of the most popular places to see in Luxembourg.

3. Grand Ducal Palace

Grand Ducal Palace Luxembourg

One of the most elegant Luxembourg sights, the beautiful Grand Ducal Palace – complete with the obligatory marching sentries – is located in the heart of the old town, with the Luxembourg Parliament (Chambre des Députés) located in the southern wing of the building. It is possible to take short guided tours of the palace during the summer months (mid-July to mid-September).

4. Bock Casemates

Bock Casemates Luxembourg

Bock Casemates is the site of Luxembourg’s original defensive fortress, established by Siegfried, the Count of Ardenne, in the late 10th century. Standing at the top of the ruins and gazing down at the 270-degree views along the Alzette valley, it is obvious what made this such a great defensive position. Today the castle is one of the most unique Luxembourg tourist attractions. You can discover the clifftop ruins for free, or pay an entry fee to explore the casemates, the labyrinth of crypts and corridors below, all carved out of the rock face.

5. Luxembourg City History Museum

Luxembourg City History Museum Luxembourg

Located to the east of the old city, close to the Grand Ducal Palace and the Saint-Esprit lift, the modern Luxembourg City History Museum covers the thousand-year history of Luxembourg City with a series of permanent and temporary exhibits. One of the best museums in the city, entry is a comparatively affordable €5 for adults and, significantly, is free of charge for anyone under 21 years of age, or under 26 years with a valid student card. Not young enough? Come on a Thursday evening from 6pm-8pm, when entry is free for everyone.

6. Clervaux

Clervaux Luxembourg

A town in northern Luxembourg, set in a deep and narrow valley that’s pretty as a picture. Visit in winter for the a view of the entire town and castle covered in snow – an amazing image. It is one the amazing tourist hotpots in Luxembourg.

7. Schiessentumpel

Schiessentumpel Luxembourg

The Schiessentumpel is a small and picturesque waterfall on the Black Ernz river, located in the Mullerthal Region – Luxembourg’s “Little Switzerland”. It looks like it belongs in a dream world from a J.R.R. Tolkien book.The old stone bridge and old green mossy rocks are beautiful at any time of the year.

8. Walls of the Corniche

Walls of the Corniche Luxembourg

Often called “the most beautiful balcony in Europe,” the Walls of Luxembourg city are the place to go for a view of the valley of the Alzette, the city district of Grund and the Rham Plateau. Built in the 18th century, they look just as incredible now as they did back then.

9. Kalktuffquelle

Kalktuffquelle Luxembourg

An absolute highlight! Comes from the parking lot Schiessentümpel, then continue on a Holtsteg. Although right along the street, it is still very quiet! It One of the Fabulous Spots For Tourists in Luxembourg.

10. Berdorf Rauberhohle

Berdorf Rauberhohle Luxembourg

Berdorf is a great area in Luxembourgish Switzerland with big sandstone cliffs. Absolutely recommended for climbers and those who want to be there. Even for hiking Berdorf is lonely top! Whether beginner or advanced, they all get their money’s worth here. Dog owners have some disadvantages on ladders and bridges in some places, but our little one loves this area, although occasionally it needs to be lifted.

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