10 Best Places to Visit In Liechtenstein

1. Vaduz

Vaduz Liechtenstein

Vaduz is the capital of the Principality of Liechtenstein. It is located close to the Rhine. The city is worth a visit:  Vaduz Castle and Schlau Castle 12 century, the Red House, Parliament, the Kunst National Museum and Postal Museum are the most famous near by places to visit in Liechtenstein Vaduz

2. Triesenberg

Triesenberg Liechtenstein

Triesenberg is a community in the Principality of Liechtenstein. In the village is the highest mountain vineyard in the country. The largest and highest village in the Principality. The village can offer: hiking, winter sports, sleigh rides and cross-country trails. Worth visiting: the Walser Museum, Geographic Center of Liechtenstein. It is the Liechtenstein best places to visit, it’s amazing natural landscapes attracts the most Liechtenstein travelers.

3. Steg

Steg Liechtenstein

A village in Liechtenstein in the community of Triesenberg. It is located in the south of the central part of the country on the eastern bank of the Zamina River opposite the village of Zyukka. Near the village there is a ski lift, as well as a track for ski races with a length of 19 kilometers. In the village there is a hotel. Near the village there is Lake Gingilis. Earlier, not far from the village was a 50-meter springboard, in which competitions for children in jumping were held in the 1980s.

4. Malbun

Malbun Liechtenstein

A village in Liechtenstein. Located in the municipality of Triesenberg at an altitude of 1600 m. Malbun has 19 km of slopes, which are suitable for downhill and skiing. In Malbun there is a cable car to Nenzinger Himmel. On Sareiser Joch is the highest station of the chair lift. In winter, Malbun is the most important winter sports destination in Liechtenstein.

5. Planken

Planken Liechtenstein

Planken is the smallest village in Liechtenstein. It is worth to visit the Planken Town Council, Planken Castle, Local Government Building, St. Joseph Chapel, Gemeinde of Planken, Gafadurahutte Grotto. Sports practice in the city – swimming, hockey and winter sports. In addition, Planken is one of the best ski resorts. Olympic skier Andreas Wenzel was born in Planken.

6. Drei Schwestern

Drei Schwestern

Drei Schwestern is a mountain in Liechtenstein, with a height of 2359 m and three peak peaks. This mountain belongs to the mountain range Retikon in the Eastern Alps, near the Austrian-Liechtenstein borderland.

7. Falknis

Falknis Liechtenstein

Falknis is a mountain in Liechtenstein, with a height of 5,629 meters. This mountain belongs to the mountain range Retikon in the Eastern Alps, near the Swiss-Liechtenstein borderland. Neighboring peaks are in the southeast of Gelgorn and Vilan, in the east of Graushpitsa and Naafkopf, in the west of Flesherberg from the Redzhitzer-Spitz and Faulkishorn. To the west of it – the Valley of Reiner and the Valley of the Holy Rhine.

8. Landtag of Liechtenstein

Landtag of Liechtenstein

Landtag of Liechtenstein – a relatively small country’s parliament. During the year, there is eight – ten Lantdtagu sessions that last from one to three days. Typically, sessions are open and fully broadcast live.

9. Burg Gutenberg

Burg Gutenberg Liechtenstein

Burg Gutenberg – Castle late medieval castle in Balzers, the southernmost municipality of Liechtenstein. Gutenberg located on a separate high rocky hill 70 meters high in the center of Balzers municipality. The castle is available all year round and there are theatrical performances and concerts.

10. Schellenberg

Schellenberg Liechtenstein

Schellenberg – a city located in the northern part of Liechtenstein. In Schellenberg views of the upper Rhine valley. Attractions: Chapel of St. George, Upper and Lower Castle Burg Schellenberg Historic Trail Eschnerberg.

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