10 Best Places to Visit in Germany

1. Berlin


Berlin Germany


Germany’s capital and the center for German art, music, fashion, and design, Berlin is a city of contrasts. Its tranquil side is packed with stunning architecture, museums, and bears traces of the most atrocious war. Walking along the Berlin Wall Trail to see the borderline that divided Europe for decades is a must. So is visiting the Jewish Museum or the UNESCO World Heritage Museum Island.


2. Neuschwanstein


Neuschwanstein Germany


Neuschwanstein has undoubtedly become a landmark in Germany. It’s definitely the most famous castle in Germany with the most tourists. Neuschwanstein is located on a hilltop nearly a kilometer high that is located in the Alpes on the southern border of Germany. This masterpiece of Ludwig II dedicating national strength is with fairy-tale looks and scenery. Neuschwanstein was built in 1869. The façade was just completed 17 years later when Ludwig II died. The government opened it as a museum three months after the death of the king. At present, the interior of the castle can be visited, including the throne hall, the king’s bedroom, the living room, the dressing room, the big concert hall and so on. The decoration is very gorgeous.


3. Parliament Building


Parliament Building Germany


The German Parliament Building, built in 1894, was the site of the National Assembly during the German Empire and the Weimar Republic. The ‘famous’ arson of the Congress took place on the evening of February 27, 1933. Since then, the Nazi Party has mastered the National Assembly Parliament and pushed the whole country to the abyss of World War II. During the split between the two Germanys, the post-war restored parliament building was located in West Berlin while at this time the Federal Republic of Germany’s parliament had moved to the capital Bonn. After the reunification of the two Germans, the Capitol was re-construction adding a special glass dome in order to regain the role of the Capitol. The lightness of the dome and the thickness of the entire building are in sharp contrast. “DEM DEUTSCHEN VOLKE” on the west gate of the Capitol means “for the German people.”


4. The Moselle Valley


The Moselle Valley Germany


Dotted with elegant Art Nouveau towns, sleepy villages, Roman remains, and terraced vineyards, the Moselle Valley offers an authentic German experience. Characteristic half-timbered houses and hilltop castles overlook the river and impress visitors. This is the perfect destination for anyone looking to escape the everyday hustle and bustle or the chaos of big city life. Come in late summer or autumn, when the surrounding hills cover themselves in the mesmerizing colors of foliage. Immerse yourself in the German culture, indulge in wine tasting, and just enjoy the small pleasures of life in this postcard-perfect place.


5. Museum Island


Museum Island Germany


Museum Island is located in the former East Berlin area. At that time, the major museums on the island were in disrepair and were ruined due to economic difficulties. After the reunification, the German government invested a large amount of money to re-maintain all the buildings on the island. It’s a small island that brings together five museums built on the Museum Island in Berlin between 1824 and 1930. Thanks to the commemorative significance of culture and architecture, it was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999. The five museums are: the Berlin old museum and the Berlin new museum, the National Gallery, the Bode Museum and the Pergamon Museum. Among them, the most famous is the Pergamon Museum who collect the large-scale building. The essence of German museum is concentrated in the island.


6. Cologne


Cologne Germany


A bustling cosmopolitan city and a true hub of culture, Cologne is one of the best places to visit in Germany. Although it suffered serious damage during the Second World War, its old town still features picturesque buildings and winding cobblestone streets. It is most Attractive for tourist.


7. Marien Square


Marien Square Germany


The Marien Square is the heart of Munich and is the place where there are always travelers. Most of the buildings around the square were built between the 19th and 20th centuries. There is a pillar of the Virgin in the middle of the square, expressing the gratitude and love for the Virgin Mary. There is a fish spring in the northeast corner of the square. In the past, it was the place where the butcher apprentices held the ceremony. The northwest of Marien Square is the Marien Church. The new town hall is on the north side of the Marien Square and the old town hall is on the east side of the square. The Viktor Arian Market is on the southeast side of the square. Here is the small tip for you: carillon performances take place at 11 o’clock, 12 o’clock, 17 o’clock and 21 o’clock every day. You can go there early in order to find the best places to watch the great performances.


8. Heidelberg


Heidelberg Germany


Heidelberg is another historic treasure to discover in Germany. It’s home to the country’s oldest university, a place that formed many philosophers and professors over the centuries. The Heidelberg Castle and the medieval Old Bridge are two of the most popular attractions here. Besides landmarks, the city is also packed with restaurants, shops, and characteristic markets that sell everything.


9. Linderhof Palace


Linderhof Palace Germany


The Linderhof Palace, known as one of the “King of Fairy Tales” on the rich Bavarian land, is situated in the secluded Grass Valley. Although Linderhof is built later than Neuschwanstein, it is the only palace that was finished when the king was alive. The palace pursues the grotesque and intricate Rococo style and mixes with oriental colors. Some people say it’s a small Versailles. The dining room is in form of beautiful oval, and the interior is made of shiny red. The peculiarity is that the “automatic serving magic table” can be lifted and lowered in the middle of the dining room, which means that the king who is afraid of seeing others can eat alone there.


10. Hamburg


Hamburg Germany


A blend of fascinating history, futuristic architecture, and vibrant nightlife, Hamburg is not only one of the best places to visit in Germany, but it’s also one of the most exciting places in Europe. It is the second largest city in the country and impresses visitors with a stunning historical center, countless bridges, and an abundance of green spaces. Here, you can also admire the largest warehouse district in the world characterized by remarkable Neo-Gothic buildings erected on oak piles.

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