10 Best Islands in India for Travelers

1. Nicobar Island

Great Nicobar Island is the largest island in India belonging to the Nicobar group of Islands.

Great Nicobar Island is the largest island in India belonging to the Nicobar group of Islands. It lies in the southernmost region of India to the north of Sumatra Island. The islands is mostly acclaimed for its varied flora and fauna and a large part of this island has been turned into a biosphere reserve known as Indira Point, housing exotic species of plants, animals and birds like Nicobar scrub fowl, saltwater crocodile, giant sea turtle and coconut crab.

2. Barren Island



Barren Island is a popular tourist getaway lying in the Andaman Sea. The volcano continues to undergo eruptions which attract many people from around the world who wish to view the process. The islands witnesses extreme climate due to the presence of volcano and is completely uninhabited by human population. One has to obtain special permit to reach the island as it comes under restricted zone. Tourists are not allowed to land the island and they only get to experience the island from ships or chartered boats. There are plenty of options on the way to the island for tourists like fishing, scuba diving and snorkeling.


3. Chorao Island


Chorao Island


Chorao island is the largest and most picturesque island in Goa. The islands is famous for the many legends associated with its emergence. The beguiling beauty of this island comes from mangroves covering the majority of the islan. Salim Ali bird sanctuary located in the western part of the island is a popular destination that is well liked by visitors as it houses close to 400 species of migratory birds and some crocodiles. The island also offers a chance to go back in time with its amazing ancient houses dating back to the sixteenth century.

4. Diu Island


Diu Island


This windswept island located in the southern coast of Gujarat is an ultimate place for beach holidays. The island is noted for its rich Portuguese history that has made an impact in the life of the inhabitants. The island offers ample opportunities in water sports activities like swimming, parasailing and water surfing along its coasts. The pleasant weather further adds to the appeal of this island which is one reason it witnesses a huge inflow of tourists.


5. Munroe Island


Munroe Island


This serene island located near Kollam in Kerala is a treat for nature lovers. Munroe island is formed by eight islets lying between Kalladi river and Ashtamudi Lake. The island is dominated by coconut trees that lend a peaceful vibe to its surroundings. There is a tiny village within the island that offers a perfect opportunity to experience the authentic lifestyle of Kerala.


6. Majuli Island


Majuli Island


One island that deserves every bit of your attention is the Majuli Island located in Brahmaputra River in Assam. This island possesses a rare charm due to its rich biodiversity and is particularly famous for the cultural festivals organized in village Naghmar that attract a large number of tourists wishing to experience the amazing cultural diversity stored in the remote villages of Assam. Exploring the the handicrafts and pottery items made by the local people is a must do activity that would aquaint the tourists with the rich artwork of Assam.


7. Havelock Island


Havelock Island

The sparkling beaches, Azure Sea water and the greenery of Havelock Island is no less than a paradise for travelers. The island bears a matchless natural aura that surpasses every other experience on this earth. Situated in Andaman and Nicobar island group, the place appears as a top destination in Island tours of India offering a host of water sports and underwater activities which keep the visitors glued to this island. 


8. Divar Island


Divar Island


This is one of the hidden gems of the country. This island is located a little away from Goa, on the Arabian Sea. The beach is famous for its lively culture, lush vegetation and interesting activities. You can find ferries from Goa inland to the island. It would not take more than ten minutes to reach the island. Since Goa is such an entertainment spot.


9. Grand Island


Divar Island


This is the island for those who love water activities and seafood. Located close to Goa, this is the land of snorkeling and other water activities. It is moderately populated with tourists and it is one of the unlettered regions of the country.

10. Netrani Island


Netrani Island


In the Arabian Sea, this island is famous for diving spots, whale spotting and other activities. The island is literally inhabited and only during the peak tourism season, you can find adventure lovers here. It used to be a navy training spot and thus, you need to get prior permission to visit the island.

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