10 Best Places to Visit In Denmark

1. Rabjerg Mile


Rabjerg Mile Denmark


Almost everyone has seen a sand dune before. There is nothing extraordinary or remarkable about a large pile of sand almost everywhere else in the world. The Rabjerg Mile is a unique sand dune. However, that attacks as many as 250,000 people a year which made this place one of the top-rated tourist attractions in Denmark. The reason is that this sand dune is moving. It moves as much as 18 meters every year and has been migrating for the past 300 years. The Rabjerg Mile is the only migrating dune in Denmark, and one of the best examples in the world, making it an amazing place to visit.


2. Jelling


Jelling Denmark


This tiny town holds two very big pieces of history—rune stones that date back to 965. These rune stones are dedicated in the memory of King Gorm and Queen Thrive and are the first written histories to mention the name Denmark. You may find the symbols on the stone familiar—parts of it are used on passports to this day.


3. Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen


Tivoli Gardens Denmark


For a bit of fun and festivity, there are few places more exciting than an amusement park. Tivoli Gardens is Denmark’s answer for roller coasters, delicious food, and other delights. It is the second oldest theme park in Europe, and one of the most popular and top-rated tourist attractions in Copenhagen. Tivoli Gardens is a great and beautiful place to bring the kids, or simply take a breather from adult life and opt to be a kid yourself.


4. Oresund Bridge


Oresund Bridge Denmark


The longest road and bridge hybrid in Europe, Oresund Bridge connects Denmark and Sweden together. You can travel on it both by car and train, with over 2/3rds of people crossing using the train as their method of travel. This site has gained a great deal of attention since a television series aired around it, and is a must-visit place in Denmark.


5. Lyngby Open-Air Museum


Lyngby Open-Air Museum Denmark


Most museums are entirely indoor affairs, with lighting and climate carefully controlled to preserve the artifacts within. This open-air unusual museum is a little different, and the change is refreshing. Visit over 50 farms, mills, and homes that were built over 500 years ago, and learn what life was like in the time they were created.


6. Kronborg Castle


Kronborg Castle Denmark


For Shakespeare lovers, visiting this castle could well be a chance to live the magic of his work in a new way. This castle appears in the play Hamlet, known in it as Elsinore. Once a stronghold, this castle has been renovated and is now open to the public. You can witness for yourself the majestic beauty of this location, and snap photos of a place that inspired Shakespeare. From Copenhagen, you can reach this beautiful place within an hour by train or car.


7. Egeskov Castle, Kvarnsdrup


Egeskov Castle, Kvarnsdrup Denmark


This castle looks like something straight out of a fairy tale, with picturesque architecture and carefully preserved grounds. This castle has many of the same attributes as other castles in the area, however it comes with a surprising and whimsical addition—Titania’s Palace. It was commissioned by Sir Neville for his daughter, who was convinced she’d seen fairies in the garden. She requested a palace for them worthy of their status, and Sir Neville complied. The result is a dollhouse worthy of the queen of all faeries, with some 3,000 works of art within it. This place is one of the Insta-worthy places to visit in Denmark for tourists.


8. The Faroe Islands


The Faroe Islands Denmark


A country in its own right, the Faroe Islands covers about 540 square miles. Due to the isolation of these islands, many of the animals both domestic and wild are unique to the land. The Faroe pony, sheep, and cow are all breeds that are quite different from many others in the world, and so are Faroese Puffins. It is well worth visiting this interesting place for a look at their unique flora and fauna. This is also considered as the insta-worthy places to visit in Denmark for tourists.


9. Aarhus


Aarhus Denmark


Aarhus is frequently named as one of the happiest cities on Earth and you’ll see why when you visit! It lies on the coast next to fjord, forest and big sights like the Viking rune stones at UNESCO World Heritage site, Jelling. Other highlights include LEGOLAND and Aarhus’ Arose Art Museum.


10. Bornholm


Bornholm Denmark


Bornholm is a beautiful island far out in the Baltic Sea off Denmark’s East Coast. Cycle to seaside villages, try the island’s renowned smoked fish or stretch out on some of Denmark’s most pristine white sand beaches. Don’t miss  Dueodde Beach or tasting local herring delicacy, Sun over Gudhjem.

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