10 Best Places to Visit In Greece

1. Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos town, Greece, at sunset with whitewashed houses, colorful balconies, and a harbor.

Mykonos – the lively and most beautiful island in Greece. This island stands out as one of the most beautiful in the Aegean region and makes a fantastic destination to explore in Greece. Belonging to the Cyclades group in the Aegean Sea, although Mykonos is a popular party island there is still plenty of natural and traditional beauty on offer. Mykonos has a collection of unique Cycladic architecture set around a picturesque fishing-village bay. The square whitewashed buildings sit closely together forming a maze of narrow alleyways and streets and are highly photogenic. The island’s beautiful beaches also make a perfect backdrop to watch the sunset.

2. Meteora, Kalabaka

Meteora, Greece

Found in central Greece, this striking and unusual rock formation is home to a monastery founded in the 14th century and now has UNESCO World Heritage site status. The complex of six monasteries are built precariously perched atop 1,300 feet high sandstone pinnacles, at the northwestern edge of the Plain of Thessaly near the beautiful Pineios river and Pindus Mountains. The occupants of the buildings located atop vertically steep rocks definitely had a rough time climbing down, but so was their climb up. It is an awesome apparition that has the ability to leave you speechless – easily one of the best places to discover in Greece!

3. Zakynthos

Vibrant sunset over Zakynthos Town, Greece, with colorful houses and sailboats in harbor.

A gift of the Ionian Sea, Zakynthos might bear a Venetian name but was mentioned by Homer in both the Odyssey and Illiad. This beautiful Greek gem of a place is famous globally for its crystal clear blue waters, golden beaches and intense adventures, especially at night. Zakynthos offers lots of scenic outings, especially the Shipwreck Beach of Navigo in a secluded cove, including Banana, Porto Zoro, Kalamaki and Gerakas. Zakynthos Town is home to dozens of museums and an interesting Venetian Castle on the hilltop. Picturesque mountainous villages are scattered across the countryside, including old monasteries easily discovered by car.

4. Kefalonia Island

Assos village on Kefalonia Island, Greece, with colorful houses overlooking the Ionian Sea.

The popular Greek holiday island made famous by the novel Captain Corelli’s Mandolin which was set here. This is one of the most picturesque spots to discover in Greece. Although there some development it still retains a traditional Greek way of life. For all those who wish to know what a beautiful beach looks like, just visit Myrtos located on the island. It can be found located in the region of Pylaros, in the north-west of Kefalonia island. The sheer contrast of the bright blue waters and the sparkling white beach makes an exhilarating scene especially when viewed from the very steep mountains and cliffs.

5. Samaria Gorge, Crete

Traditional village in Crete, Greece, with whitewashed houses, bougainvillea flowers, and Aegean Sea view.
It is the most spectacular Greek tourist attraction for many people, little wonder it receives more than half a million people annually. The Samariá Gorge is a National Park of Greece on the popular island of Crete and a World’s Biosphere Reserve. People can take a walk through the gorge and pass by breathtakingly high cliffs along the way before the small coastal village of Agia Roumeli emerges.

6. Rhodes

Kallithea Springs in Rhodes, Greece, with turquoise water, sunbathers, and colorful umbrellas.

Rhodes is a popular attractive holiday island in Greece. Rhodes is the largest of Greece’s Dodecanese islands – is another popular holiday island in Greece and although its home to some lively resorts there are still many areas of outstanding natural beauty to discover and explore. Here you can find Lindos and St. Pauls Beaches. Lindos is more popular because of its turquoise waters and the view of the raised white-painted town from the beach. Both beaches are sandy, white and exceptionally beautiful. Agathi Beach is another pretty beach on the island known for its soft sand and emerald green waters.

7. Mystras, Peloponnese

Mystras, Peloponnese in Greece

Mystras is a mountainous village close to Sparti, Laconia which are classed as a World Heritage Monument by UNESCO. It is famous for its archaeological site as Mystras used to be a very important medieval town in the Byzantine Era. The archaeological site consists of well-preserved Byzantine churches and a strong Fortress and this popular place to explore in Greece have impressed even the most discerning of visitors.

8. Naxos Island

Portara, the Naxos Gate, at sunset in Naxos Island, Greece.

This is an island on the southern side of Greece which is home to the myth-surrounded Mt. Zeus. Relatively undiscovered by the tourist masses Naxos is one of the highlights of travelling to Greece. It’s one the greenest island in the Cyclades with high mountains and fertile valleys. The beaches here are among the most beautiful in Greece – long and sandy and perfect for swimming, water sports and relaxing. The traditional white painted villages and winemaking factory are also another draw as well as port towns filled with whitewashed, cube-shaped houses and medieval Venetian mansions.

9. Delphi Theatre, Phocis

icturesque harbor town of Galaxidi, Phocis, Greece, with colorful houses, boats, and taverna.

Delphi is both an archaeological site and a modern town in Greece on the south-western spur of Mount Parnassus in the valley of Phocis. The Delphi theatre was constructed atop a hill facing the beautiful valley in the 4th century and is now classed as a UNESCO world heritage site. Built as the sanctuary and oracle of Apollo, its 35 rows could hold up to 5,000 guests who in ancient times enjoyed plays, poetry readings, and musical events. The stunning historic site in Greece and the sheer beauty of the landscape below easily makes it worth the effort to get to.

10. Voidomatis River

Voidomatis River in Greece

Voidomatis River is a spectacular waterway. ‘The eye of the ox’ as Voidomatis is colloquially known due to its blue waters as clear as the blue eyes of the ox runs for 15 kilometers. The river is a famously attractive natural site in Greece and is popular for kayaking, rafting and other diverse water sports. Voidomatis is on top of the list of cleanest rivers anywhere in Europe, powered by the Vikos Gorge and Tymfi water currents and run by the Vikos-Aoos National Park. It’s dotted by diverse stone bridges such as the Kledonas Bridge and Aristi Bridge where kayak and rafting fans meet and begin their cascading adventures down the clear waters.

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