Best Places to Visit in Lithuania

1. Vilnius


Vilnius Lithuania


The city of Vilnius is not only the largest city in Lithuania, it is also the capital. Just over half of a million people call Vilnius home. It was Napoleon who referred to the city as the Jerusalem of the North as he passed through the region back in 1812. Many consider Vilnius to be one of the capitals of European culture as well.


2. Kaunas


Kaunas Lithuania


The second largest city in the country is that of Kaunas. Situated where the Neris and the Nemunas Rivers merge, the views around Kaunas are nothing les than picturesque. The area where the city rests today has been inhabited for millennia. There are many fine examples of architecture dating back hundreds of years that can be found throughout the city of Kaunas.


3. Palanga


Palanga Lithuania


Located along the shores of the Baltic Sea is where you will find the charming seaside resort village of Palanga. It is considered to be home to some of the busiest resorts in the country. The 18 kilometers of beach which is more than 300 meters wide in some locations, attract countless visitors to the area each summer.


4. Klaipeda


Klaipėda Lithuania


Located at the Danė River mouth where it opens up into the majestic Baltic Sea is where the nation’s third largest city can be found. Klaipėda has a very rich and colorful history that spans the centuries. Since it is also home to one of the few ports on the Baltic that does not ice over in the winter, it has grown to become an important economic hub for the country.


5. Druskininkai


Druskininkai Lithuania


In the southern portion of Lithuania, you will find the town of Druskininkai. Situated within the estuary of the Ratnyčia River, close to the Nemunas River, the town of Druskininkai has grown to become a very popular spa town in the country. Every year countless people make their way to the healing spas of Druskininkai.


6. Trakai


Trakai Lithuania


Just west of the city of Vilnius, you will find the popular resort town of Trakai. Since it is only 28 kilometers from the nation’s capital, it has grown to become one of the most popular weekend destinations for those wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The resorts in Trakai are also a popular destination for international visitors to Lithuania.


7. Nida


Nida Lithuania


You will find the resort town of Nida situated along the Curonian Spit. It is the westernmost city in the country. The city has its own airport so reaching it is simple. While only home to less than 2,000 permanent residents, more than a quarter of a million visitors make their way to the resorts in Nida each and every single year.


8. Siauliai


 Siauliai Lithuania


The fourth largest city in Lithuania is that of Šiauliai. The city is situated in the eastern portion of the region that has become known as the Northern Plateau. Near by the city you will find the Venta, Mūša and Dubysa rivers. As a result, the countryside which surrounds the city is lush and green throughout the summer months.


9. Moletai


Moletai Lithuania


One of the oldest inhabited regions of Lithuania can be found in the northeaster city of Molėtai. Not only is the city home to the only astronomical observatory in Lithuania, it is also home to the world’s first Museum of Ethnocosmology. The city of Molėtai has grown over the years to become a very popular resort town for the residents of the nation’s capital.


10. Kretinga


Kretinga Lithuania


The city of Kretinga can be found along the shores of the Baltic Sea, only twelve kilometers from the nation’s most popular resorts. Only 25 kilometers from Kretinga you will find the nation’s third largest port areas. The city of Kretinga is also a popular destination in Lithuania for those who wish to rest along the shores of the Baltic Sea but do not want the crowds associated with the more popular resort towns.

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