10 Best Places to Visit In Sweden

1. Sarek National Park


Sarek National Park


Just read this incredible fact of this oldest national park in Sweden. It comprises of over 200 peaks and 100 glaciers! Its natural beauty is beyond description by words. Hence, how about this short video clip showing the mountainous Sarek Nationa Park, one of the biggest tourist attractions. Sarek national Park  is huge and imposingly wild. It covers an area of over 1900 sq.km! Incredibly vast! It is best explored leisurely in your own vehicle, preferably in an all-terrain vehicle and sometimes on your feet. Brave adventurers prefer to pitch up their tent on this snowy wilderness and go about trekking the area on foot, shifting their camping gears as they move on.


2. Oresund Bridge


Oresund Bridge


Oh yes, who would not like to travel on that bridge that connects Sweden with Denmark at one of the many borders with Denmark? As a ride on the scenic bridge is a pleasure, thousands of people use the Oresund Bridge to enter Denmark. The starting point of the bridge on the Swedish side is the  city of Malmö. It terminates at Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. The length of the cross-country bridge is only 8 km and it carries a train track too. It is built across the Öresund Strait. Isn’t it a ‘sightseeing-worthy’ attraction of Sweden?


3. Vasa Museum


Vasa Museum


That’s the remains of a wrecked ship Vasa. The entire museum is a maritime one, showing the tourists the various parts of the huge 17th century war ship that was. Located on the island of Djurgården, Stockholm, the Swedish Government is taking much pain to keep the old warrior in good shape by maintaining the main hall’s temperature at 18–20 °C. The surprising fact of Vasa, the warship is that it was salvaged from the depth of the sea only in 1961 and carefully restored the vessel to its original shape.


4. Gamla Stan


Gamla Stan


What a perfect capture! Tells you the whole picture of Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s old town where the true life and culture of Swedish people thrives. Gamla Stan is one of the main attractions of Sweden . It is where the Royal Place that was built during the 17th century exists. The shops and cafes that are seen on the cobblestone streets act as a museum of medieval Sweden.


5. University of Lund


University of Lund


One of the important sightseeing destinations of Sweden, this University of Lund is said to be nearly 1000 years old. In the site, another big tourist attraction is the church called Lund Domkyrka which was built in 1103! The cathedral’s astronomical clock that performs twice a day pulls large gathering of people.


6. Lake Malaren


Lake Mälaren


Just west of Stockholm you will find the third largest lake in Sweden. This lake has historical significance and will take visitors on a trip into the Viking past. Two islands within the lake hold the old Viking cities of Birka and Hovgården which are famous UNESCO World heritage sites. Seeing these ruins will allow you to get a taste of Swedish history and know where and how the Vikings lived in Sweden as they terrorized Europe.


7. Island Hopping


Island Hopping Sweden


The best thing about being in the Stockholm area is that wheels aren’t your only option. Stockholm is actually located near 30,000 islands! A boat ride will give you time to see what Sweden has to offer from the perspective of water. Many Swedes enjoy buying a cabin or house close to the lakes and rivers in Sweden. Make sure you befriend a Swede or two and stay at their lake or river house. If you don’t, there are still plenty of hostels and cabins to stay at while enjoying the scenery. It’s also a great chance to hike the islands, see places that have inspired others, and just enjoy a nice dip into the fresh water.


8. Skokloster Slott


Skokloster Slott


Literally Shoe Monastery Caste, it is located about 50 miles from Stockholm and is one of the oldest museums in Europe. It started out as a monastery and was later rebuilt as a castle in the 17th century and has sat almost untouched ever since. It was intended as a place to show off for guests. The castle was not built to defend against invading armies, nor was it livable during the winters as the castle is unable hold heat. The best part? Karl Wrangler and the subsequent owners collected items from across the world and from battles across Europe and stored them in the castle! The nearly untouched collections are full of antiques from across the globe and has remained a must see site in Sweden.


9. Malmo




Malmo has many large squares, wide streets and fashionable boulevards. There is plenty of space everywhere, even in the city center. The city is therefore a paradise for cyclists and ranked as one of the ten most bicycle-friendly cities in the world. In the summer, you should not forget your swimwear as there is a great sandy beach on the Öresund, right in the middle of the city. It’s name is Ribersborgsstranden, but most people usually just call it “Ribban”.


10. Gothenburg




Gothenburg is always on the go. It’s a working city with a mixture of hard physical labor and international trade culture (both Volvo and SKF are based here), as well as a busy port. Gothenburg is also a lively and vibrant city of culture. Major exhibitions, large conventions, large sporting events and concerts are often held here, rather than in Stockholm. Many big music stars play in Gothenburg – Bruce Springsteen’s appearances here are legendary. Moreover, Gothenburg has some world-class museums such as the Universe, the Nordic region’s largest Science Centre.

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