10 Best Places to Visit In Ukraine

1. Myrhorod


Myrhorod Ukraine


Myrhorod is one of the famous tourist spots in Ukraine well-known for its natural underground springs and their healing mineral properties. This city is situated on the Khorol River. Drinking water of the underground springs here is known to improve your digestion. Also, you can have a refreshing experience of bathing in the natural springs here. Enjoy boating in the Khorol River. Also, stunning watch musical water fountain in the city of Myrhorod. Tour through the beautiful city in a horse drawn carriage and watch the picturesque landscape.


2. Odessa


Odessa Ukraine


Odesa, widely famous as the ‘Pearl of the Black Sea, is the third biggest city in Ukraine. You can explore exquisite sandy beaches, amazing waters, especially at the Lanzheron Beach. Odesa is more popular for the seaport that is present on the Black Sea. Travel via gigantic stairway that goes from the heart of the city to the coastal beach. Have a pleasant time in refreshing leafy parks, such as City Gardens, and discover the cultural aspects of the city by visiting Odesa Opera House and various theatres.


3. Chernihiv


Chernihiv Ukraine


Visit Chernihiv, one of the oldest cities dating back to the seventh century, when in Ukraine. It is situated on the Desna River’s banks. Make sure you visit the eye-catching golden domed Catherine Church in this city. Also, if you are interested in visiting more religious centers here, don’t miss visiting the Pyatnytska Church which is present in the Red Square of this beautiful city.


4. Poltava


Poltava Ukraine


Poltava is a city in Ukraine that is situated on the Vorskala River. This city is famous for its history of 18th century historic battle between Russian Tsar Peter I and Cossacks. You can find here several spectacular military relics, such as Poltava Battlefield’s preserved area, stunning Column of Glory, and popular October Park. Also, don’t miss visiting numerous museums that feature military history and worth-seeing Assumption Cathedral when in Poltava.


5. Uzhgorod


Uzhgorod Ukraine


Plan to visit Uzhhorod, a fabulous city in the western area of Ukraine present on the border of the Slovakia. This vibrant city with significant number of Romanian and Hungarian individuals is one of the most visiting attractions in the Ukraine. Explore Uzhhorod Castle here that dates back to the ninth century. Don’t miss visiting the 17th century Greek-Catholic Cathedral.


6. Lviv


Lviv Ukraine


Are you interested in exploring the historic sites in Ukraine? Visit Lviv in the western area of Ukraine. This city is world famous for its historic center, and it earns the fame of being listed in UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. Watch spectacular ancient structures and monuments in Lviv, most of which were built in the 13th century. Also, you get to explore amazing art galleries in Lviv. Visit the Lviv National Art Gallery that comprises about 50,000 artworks, such as artistic sculptures, beautiful paintings, and fabulous art installations.


7. Bakota


Bakota Ukraine


Explore Bakota village, which is actually a submerged settlement, in Ukraine’s Podillia Region. It is popular as the abode of the well-known cave monastery, which dates back to the 12th century. It is known to be headed by Saint Anthony and constructed by the monks. You get to watch preserved paintings here. Also, you can observe the remains of some monks who used to reside in the caves. You can walk through the Bakota and explore the region. Watch spectacular flora and fauna in this area as you walk around.


8. Kiev

Kyiv, Ukrain


Tour through the Kiev, which is famous as the capital of Ukraine, is one of the leading tourist spots and features impressive modern architectural styles. Don’t miss visiting Kiev Monastery of Caves. Plan to pay visit to several museums present in this city in Ukraine. Visit two botanical gardens to watch spectacular flora here. Stroll through this city by walking on the roads that are lined by the horse chestnut trees. Visit spectacular Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kiev.


9. Zaporizhia


Zaporizhia Ukraine


Make sure you visit Zaporizhia city to watch fascinating natural scenery when in Ukraine. This city is popular for its panoramic quaint islands. Visit the main island of Khortytsia which is present in the heart of this city. It features a beautiful national park, large ravines that are known as balka, lovely hiking trails, unique flora, and spectacular terrain. Enjoy the thrill of swimming, joy of boating, and playing in the sandy beaches.


10. Vinnytsia


Vinnytsia Ukraine


Plan to explore the enchanting Vinnytsia city which you can find on the Southern Bug, the second biggest river in Ukraine. Strolling around this exquisite city offers you impressive views of the architecture. Visit Jesuit monastery in this city. Here you can find Museum of Local History to learn more about the historical significance of this city in Ukraine. It also houses a gigantic skeleton which is known to be greater than 30,000 years old.

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