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Packing Made Perfect Our 10 Picks From Chico’s Travelers

Discover unmatched comfort and carefree style with Chico’s Travelers Classic No-Tummy Pants. These pants, which are ideal for travel and daily wear, have an elastic waistband for all-day comfort, a smooth silhouette, and a fabric that resists wrinkles. Accessible in an array of hues and designs, they effortlessly accentuate any ensemble. Chico’s Travelers Classic No-Tummy Pants are the epitome of elegance and versatility; they’re your go-to option for stylish yet comfy attire.

What pieces of clothing are in Chico’s women’s Travelers™ collection?

The Chico’s Women’s Travelers™ collection features a variety of chico’s travelers versatile pieces of clothing perfect for any travel wardrobe. With wrinkle-resistant fabric and bold prints, the collection includes Chico’s Sleeveless T-Shirt, Chico’s 3/4 Sleeve T-Shirt, and the elegant Chico’s Cocktail Dress. 

What pieces of clothing are in Chico's women's Travelers™ collection

Each item is crafted to provide flattering silhouettes and flattering shapes, ideal for creating a chic classic look. The Travelers Classic No-Tummy Pants and the Travelers Tie-Waist Jumpsuit are must-haves for their comfortable fit and key wardrobe pieces that offer individuality with confidence. Available at Chico’s Off The Rack, and Chico’s Outlets, and valid online, these sale items often come with percent-off total purchase discounts/coupons. 

Keep an eye on SALE STYLES and EXCLUSIVE PERKS for the best deals. For those looking for formal pieces and multitasking pieces, the collection delivers style effortlessly with options like the Chico’s Long Sleeve T-Shirt and the V-neck Travelers top. 

You can find complete details and current price on Chico’s website or by contacting their customer service at 888-855-4986 or 609-452-0089 for More details. Subscribing to their email list provides updates on new arrivals and special offers, ensuring you stay in the loop. 

Whether you’re shopping for future purchase discounts, minimum merchandise purchase deals, or special app messages, Chico’s Travelers™ collection ensures you look great with every collection piece. Enjoy the product availability of your favorite must-have finishing piece with no additional charge for product delays during the season.

Is Chico’s women’s Travelers™ collection wrinkle-free?

Yes, the Chico’s women’s Travelers™ collection is renowned for its wrinkle-resistant fabric, making it a perfect choice for any travel wardrobe. Each piece, from the Chico’s Sleeveless T-Shirt to the Travelers Tie-Waist Jumpsuit, is designed with rich colors and timeless prints that hold up to the rigors of travel. 

Is Chico's women's Travelers™ collection wrinkle-free

The collection includes versatile individual pieces like Chico’s V-neck Travelers top and the Chico’s Cocktail Dress, ensuring you maintain a polished, chic classic look without the hassle of ironing. Items are available at Chico’s Off The Rack and Chico’s Outlets, often featured in their SALE STYLES with percent-off total purchase discounts/coupons. You can also find sale items and EXCLUSIVE PERKS on their website, with delivery estimated at 2-3 business days.

Whether shopping for your FUTURE PURCHASE, making an app purchase, or meeting a minimum merchandise purchase requirement, the collection provides flattering silhouettes and convenience. Deals like Dollar-off discounts and original discount prices make the stylish, flowy pieces even more attractive. For more complete details, check the current price, or address product availability, contact Chico’s customer service at (609) 452-0089 More details or 888-855-4986 Email Us. Stay updated with their monthly mailer or join the email list to never miss out on your favorite major style pieces. 

No need to worry about product delays, as their wrinkle-resistant pieces ensure you always have the perfect piece ready during the season. Whether for work or leisure, the Travelers™ collection helps you express individuality with confidence in every setting.

Does the women’s Travelers™ collection have clothing for many occasions?

Does the women’s Travelers™ collection have clothing for many occasions? Absolutely! Chico’s Travelers™ collection is crafted for various settings, ensuring you are stylish regardless of the event. With individual pieces like the Chico’s Sleeveless T-shirt and versatile Chico’s Cocktail Dress, you’re set for both casual outings and formal gatherings. 

Does the women's Travelers™ collection have clothing for many occasions

The wrinkle-resistant fabric and bold prints ensure that you look immaculate, no matter how busy your schedule. Offered at Chico’s Off The Rack, Chico’s Outlets, and via SALE STYLES, the collection provides great value with percent-off total purchase discounts/coupons and other deals.

Users can utilize Dollar-off discounts or EXCLUSIVE PERKS when shopping valid online or in-store. This season, explore items like the Chico’s 3/4 Sleeve T-Shirt and Chico’s Long Sleeve T-Shirt for your travel wardrobe that features flattering silhouettes. 

The Travelers™ collection includes key pieces like the Travelers Classic No-Tummy Pants and the Travelers Tie-Waist Jumpsuit. Don’t forget about their timeless options in TRAVELERS BLACK for a chic classic look.

Shopping is convenient with options for FUTURE PURCHASE, app purchase, and price details via email list or monthly mailer. Delivery is quick, with an estimated 2-3 business days for most orders. For exact sizing, refer to the size chart, and enjoy assistance from personal stylists at the MarketFair Shoppes.

For answers and more complete details, contact (609) 452-0089 More details or 888-855-4986 Email Us. With this collection, cexperience the power of originality and individuality with confidence through each perfect piece tailored for a variety of occasions.

What sizes do the pieces from Chico’s Travelers™ collection come in?

Chico’s Travelers™ collection caters to a variety of body types with its inclusive sizing range. Unlike some brands that offer exact measurements, Chico’s utilizes a unique system [Chico’s Sizing Charts] that translates numbers (0 to 3) to standard US sizes (typically 1 to 14). It’s important to remember that Chico’s clothing is known for flattering silhouettes, so their sizing might differ slightly from other brands.

What sizes do the pieces from Chico's Travelers™ collection come in

Finding the perfect fit can be achieved by visiting a store to try on clothes. Online reviews from other customers can also be insightful, offering perspectives on how different pieces fit in real life. 

The Travelers™ collection boasts a diverse selection of styles, from timeless staples like the TRAVELERS BLACK pants to flowy dresses and versatile jumpsuits like the Travelers Tie-Waist Jumpsuit. Designed with the traveling woman in mind, these pieces showcase wrinkle-resistant fabrics, rich colors, and a range of prints, both bold and timeless, making them ideal for building a fab travel wardrobe. 

Whether you’re searching for a must-have finishing touch like a Chico’s Sleeveless T-Shirt or a statement piece like a Chico’s Cocktail Dress, the Travelers™ collection offers something to suit every occasion and personal style. For any additional information on size availability or specific styles, you can always reach out to Chico’s customer service through their phone number (888-855-4986) or email address.

Chico’s Travelers Classic No-Tummy Pants

The Chico’s Travelers Classic No-Tummy Pants are a fantastic choice for both comfort and style. Let’s dive into the details:

Chico's Travelers Classic No-Tummy Pants

Design and Features:

  • These pants are thoughtfully designed with a flattering silhouette, making them a go-to for any occasion.
  • The wrinkle-resistant fabric ensures you look polished even after hours of wear or travel.
  • The elastic waistband provides all-day comfort, allowing you to move freely.
  • Available in a variety of solid colors and timeless prints, you can express your individuality effortlessly.

Styling Tips:

  • For a casual daytime look, pair the Travelers Classic No-Tummy Pants with a Chico’s Sleeveless T-Shirt.
  • Dress them up for an evening out by combining them with a Chico’s V-neck Travelers top.
  • Feeling overwhelmed? Connect with Chico’s style experts through Style Connect for personalized inspiration.

Pricing and Promotions:

  • While prices may not always be available online, keep an eye out for enticing promotions.
  • Chico’s often offers percent-off total purchase discounts and dollar-off deals through coupons and their SALE STYLES section.
  • Remember to review the fine print for exclusions and minimum purchase requirements.

Exceptional Customer Service:

  • If you encounter product delays due to high demand, don’t worry! Chico’s provides exceptional customer service.
  • Reach out via email at [email protected] or call (609) 452-0089 for assistance.

Philosophy and Fit:

  • Chico’s philosophy revolves around empowering women to express their unique style.
  • Their comprehensive size chart ensures you find the perfect fit.
  • The Travelers Classic No-Tummy Pants are more than just travel attire—they’re versatile pieces suitable for various occasions.

Exclusive Perks:

  • Explore the Chico’s app for exclusive perks like additional discounts and tailored app messages.
  • Keep in mind that some perks may have limitations, such as one coupon per transaction or validity for future purchases only.

Remember to explore Chico’s collection and embrace comfort and confidence in your style journey! 

Chico’s Travelers Button-Front Cardigan

Transform your travel wardrobe with the versatile Chico’s Travelers Button-Front Cardigan. Designed from wrinkle-resistant fabric, it ensures you pack light and look polished wherever you go. Available in rich colors and timeless prints, this cardigan offers a splash of individuality and style. Whether you choose a solid hue or a bold print, the outfit possibilities are endless.

Chico's Travelers Button-Front Cardigan

For a casual, chic look, pair your cardigan with a Chico’s Sleeveless T-shirt or V-neck Travelers top. Need a dressed-up vibe? Layer it over a Chico’s Cocktail Dress for a night out. Feeling overwhelmed with choices? Browse Chico’s website for inspiration or connect with their personal stylists through Style Connect.

Take advantage of regular promotions. Keep an eye out for percent-off discounts and dollar-off coupons in the SALE STYLES section. Note that some exclusions may apply for certain items like Full-Priced Jewelry.

Should you encounter product delays, Chico’s exceptional customer service is always ready to help. Reach them via email at [email protected] or by phone at (609) 452-0089. Whether you’re shopping online or visiting a Chico’s store at MarketFair Shoppes, their expansive size chart ensures the perfect fit.

Exclusive perks through Chico’s app include additional discounts and tailored app messages. Remember some perks might come with limitations, like coupons per transaction or validity for future purchases.

Lightweight, packable, and wrinkle-resistant, the Chico’s Travelers Button-Front Cardigan is perfect for any occasion. Explore Chico’s vast collection and discover how this versatile cardigan can become the cornerstone of your effortless style.

How do Travelers pieces cater to petite women?

Petite women often face challenges finding clothes that fit correctly off the rack. Chico’s Travelers pieces address these issues by being designed with petite proportions in mind. Unlike standard clothing that may be too long or baggy, Travelers pieces are crafted with shorter inseams, sleeves, and overall lengths to ensure a flattering silhouette. This eliminates the need for frustrating alterations and lets you wear the clothes straight from the store.

How do Travelers pieces cater to petite women

The focus on flattering silhouettes extends beyond just length. Travelers pieces are designed to accentuate a petite frame. They often feature higher waistlines, which elongate the legs, and a tailored fit that avoids overwhelming a smaller figure. Additionally, the use of soft and stretchy fabrics allows for a comfortable fit without appearing bulky.

So, how do these features translate to a travel wardrobe for petite women? Travelers’ pieces are made from wrinkle-resistant fabric, which means less time ironing and more time exploring. Their lightweight and packable designs allow you to pack more in your suitcase without exceeding weight limits. Plus, the versatility of the collection means you can mix and match pieces to create a variety of outfits for different occasions.

Whether you prefer solid colors or timeless prints, Travelers pieces come in a range of styles to suit your individuality. Chico’s offers a comprehensive size chart with exact measurements to ensure you find the perfect fit. So ditch the frustration of ill-fitting clothes and embrace comfortable, stylish travel with Chico’s Travelers!

What is unique about the Petite Travelers collection?

What truly sets the Petite Travelers collection apart is its focus on solving the pain points petite women face when building a travel wardrobe. Unlike generic clothing that may drown a smaller frame in excess fabric, Travelers pieces are meticulously designed with petite proportions in mind. This means shorter inseams, sleeves, and overall garment lengths that create a flattering silhouette right off the rack. No more frustration with ill-fitting clothes or expensive alterations!

What is unique about the Petite Travelers collection

The uniqueness goes beyond just length. Travelers’ pieces accentuate a petite frame through design elements like higher waistlines that elongate the legs and tailored fits that avoid a bulky look. Additionally, the use of soft, stretchy fabrics creates a comfortable fit that drapes beautifully without overwhelming a smaller figure.

This focus on petite proportions extends to the versatility of the collection. Many Travelers pieces are designed to mix and match seamlessly, allowing you to create multiple outfits from a few key pieces. This is perfect for travel wardrobes, where packing light is essential. Plus, the garments are crafted from wrinkle-resistant fabric, ensuring you look polished throughout your adventures, and eliminating the need for constant ironing.

Whether you crave solid colors or prefer to express yourself with bold prints, the Travelers collection offers a range of styles to suit your individuality. Chico’s comprehensive size chart with exact measurements ensures a perfect fit, so you can travel in style and comfort with confidence. Ditch the frustration of ill-fitting clothes and embrace the uniqueness of Chico’s Travelers petite collection!

What styles does women’s petite Travelers clothing come in?

Chico’s petite Travelers collection caters specifically to women who are 5’4″ and under, ensuring a flattering fit for smaller frames. Here are the key points about the styles available in women’s petite Travelers clothing:

What styles does women's petite Travelers clothing come in

Design for Petite Women:

  • Travelers’ pieces feature shorter sleeves, higher waistlines, and reduced lengths to complement petite proportions.
  • Soft and stretchy materials provide flexibility without compromising comfort.
  1. Wrinkle-Resistant Fabrics:
    • The Travelers collection is designed for travel, making it ideal for packing in a suitcase.
    • Wrinkle-resistant fabrics allow you to look polished even after hours of wear or travel.

Versatile Pieces:

  • Jumpsuits and dresses are available in the Travelers collection, providing simple yet stylish outfits.
  • Midi and maxi dresses are suitable for various occasions, from meetings to romantic dinners.
  • Wide-leg pants and No Tummy pants pair effortlessly with your favorite tops or Travelers kimonos.

Timeless Prints and Colors:

  • The collection offers a versatile color palette and timeless prints, allowing you to mix and match your favorite styles.
  • Whether you prefer bold prints or classic neutrals, there’s something for every taste.

Capsule Wardrobe Potential:

Expert Assistance:

  • Use Style Connect for personalized help in selecting the right styles for your upcoming trip.

Chico’s Travelers collection ensures that petite women can enjoy both comfort and style while on the go! 

I’ve provided a concise overview of the styles available in Chico’s women’s petite Travelers clothing, emphasizing the flattering fit, wrinkle-resistant fabrics, versatility, and expert assistance. If you have any more questions or need further details, feel free to ask!

How can you use Travelers clothes to refresh your wardrobe?

Leveraging the versatility of Chico’s Travelers™ collection is a fantastic way to invigorate your closet. The collection’s wrinkle-resistant fabric ensures you always look impeccable, whether you’re donning a Chico’s Cocktail Dress for formal events or opting for a casual Chico’s Sleeveless T-Shirt. Adding bold prints and timeless prints can spark a sense of individuality with confidence in your travel wardrobe. Unique pieces like the Travelers Tie-Waist Jumpsuit and Travelers Classic No-Tummy Pants bring both style and comfort.

How can you use Travelers clothes to refresh your wardrobe

You can elevate your look with artisanal details and an elastic waistband for both style and practicality. Shop at Chico’s Off The Rack and Chico’s Outlets, or look for SALE STYLES and percent-off total purchase discounts/coupons to get great deals on these items. The minimum merchandise purchase requirement for some discounts is easily met with these versatile, flattering silhouettes. Subscribing to the email list or monthly mailer ensures you are always updated on new arrivals and exclusive perks.

For convenience, items can be purchased online with fast shipping, often arriving within an estimated 2-3 business days. Check your app messages for additional discounts and app purchase benefits. If necessary, exchanges are easy through customer service at 888-855-4986 Email Us, or in-store at the MarketFair Shoppes. 

This collection’s Current price is worth it for the perfect piece that adds both chic classic and modern touches to your wardrobe. The combination of rich colors and flattering shapes ensures you maintain a stylish, versatile wardrobe. Contact (609) 452-0089 More details for more information, and to experience the power of originality with each purchase.


Discover a new level of comfort and style with Chico’s Travelers Classic No-Tummy Pants. Their lightweight, wrinkle-resistant design is perfect for travel or busy lifestyles. Pair them effortlessly for any occasion and enjoy exclusive perks through Chico’s app. Empower yourself with versatile pieces that offer all-day comfort and a polished look. Explore Chico’s collection and elevate your wardrobe with confidence and style.


What age group is Chico’s for?

We believe Chico’s is positioned for continued outsized growth, as it is the fastest-growing apparel brand for customers over 45 with household incomes over $100,000, according to Circana.

Do chicos’ clothes run large or small?

Suppose you are wearing a size 5. At Chico’s, a size 6 would be a size 5. But at Chico’s, you’ll always be dependable. 5 since our size is consistent. Sure, you may purchase a 6 in most brands, but occasionally a 4, 8, or 10, depending on the maker. .

How do Travellers wash?

You may either give it to the hostel laundry or do it yourself, which is what I still do. When washing garments by hand, first soak them in soapy water for at least 30 minutes, and then use a washing brush to remove any remaining filth. Since you aren’t using a washing machine, thoroughly rinse your items to remove any filth.

Where do you wash clothes when Travelling?

When traveling, most hotels have a laundry facility where you may wash your clothing. The hotel laundry service is the best option, regardless of whether you have a regular service agreement or need a fast turnaround since you ruined your favorite garments.

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