Things to Do in Anna Maria Island

Things to Do in Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island offers a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation for the entire family. From the beautiful beaches like Holmes Beach, Manatee Public Beach, and Bean Point Beach, to the historic Anna Maria City Pier and Rod and Reel Pier, there is no shortage of scenic spots to explore.

Enjoy a grouper sandwich at a local eatery or rent a golf cart to tour Bradenton Beach and Coquina Beach. For a fun afternoon, try fishing charters, miniature golf, or a boat charter to experience the turquoise waters of the Gulf Coast. The island trolley provides easy access to favorite spots like Bridge Street Pier and the Anna Maria Island Historical Society. 

With vacation rentals and resorts such as Silver Surf Gulf Beach Resort and Anna Maria Beach Resortyou’ll have comfortable accommodations. Whether it’s a beach picnic, exploring marine life, or simply soaking up the sun on the white sand, Anna Maria Island promises an unforgettable vacation experience.

Things to Do in Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island is renowned for its pristine beaches and beautiful white sand, making it a perfect destination for the entire family. Located on Florida’s Gulf Coast, it features picturesque spots like Holmes Beach, Manatee Public Beach, and Bean Point Beach. Things to Do in Anna Maria Island

The island is also famous for its historic fishing village charm, with landmarks such as the Anna Maria City Pier and Rod and Reel Pier offering fresh seafood and exceptional grouper sandwiches. Visitors can enjoy a variety of activities, from beach picnics and miniature golf to fishing charters and boat excursions in Tampa Bay and Sarasota Bay. 

The island lifestyle is enhanced by the convenience of golf cart rentals and the island trolley, which provides easy access to favorite spots like Bridge Street Pier and Coquina Beach. With a range of vacation rentals and resorts like Silver Surf Gulf Beach Resort, Anna Maria Island promises unforgettable vacation experiences filled with family fun and natural beauty.

What is Anna Maria Island known for?

What is Anna Maria Island known for? This charming barrier island boasts pristine beaches with white sand and turquoise waters [beautiful beaches, white sand, turquoise waters].What is Anna Maria Island known for

Rent a golf cart [golf carts] to explore the entire island, from family-friendly Coquina Beach [Coquina Beach] to secluded Bean Point [Bean Point]. 

Enjoy fresh seafood [fresh seafood] or a grouper sandwich [grouper sandwich] after a day of swimming, fishing [fishing charters], or dolphin watching [marine life, boat charter]. Anna Maria Island offers something for everyone, from relaxing beach days [beach gear, beach picnics] to exploring Bridge Street [Bridge Street] shops.

What not to miss on Anna Maria Island?

What not to miss on Anna Maria Island? Cruise along the shoreline on a rented golf cart [golf carts], stopping at hidden gems like Bean Point [Bean Point] for shelling or Coquina Beach [Coquina Beach] for a family swim in the turquoise waters [turquoise waters]. What not to miss on Anna Maria Island

Take a sunset stroll on the pier [Anna Maria City Pier, Rod and Reel Pier] and watch for dolphins [marine life] playing in the waves. No visit is complete without indulging in fresh seafood [fresh seafood] – try the famous grouper sandwich [grouper sandwich] – or grab a beach picnic basket [beach picnics] to enjoy on the sugar-white sand [white sand]. In the evening, explore the charming shops on Bridge Street [Bridge Street] for souvenirs and local finds.

Where to Eat on Anna Maria Island

Certainly! Here’s a concise guide to some of the best dining spots on Anna Maria Island:Where to Eat on Anna Maria Island

  • Beach House Waterfront Restaurant: Located right on the beach, this restaurant offers stunning views of the Gulf Coast. Try their delicious seafood dishes, and don’t miss the key lime pie!
  • The Ugly Grouper: A casual spot with outdoor seating, The Ugly Grouper serves up mouthwatering grouper tacos. It’s a must-visit for seafood lovers.
  • Ginny’s and Jane E’s Cafe and Coastal Store: Enjoy a sweet breakfast or brunch at this charming cafe. Their creme brulé French toast is a favorite! 
  • Bridge Street Bistro: For a more upscale experience, head to this steakhouse and seafood restaurant. Try their jerk scallops and enjoy the waterfront view.
  • Anna Maria Oyster Bar on the PierEven if you’re not an oyster fan, this spot has a diverse menu and unbeatable views.
  • Beach Bistro: Perfect for a romantic dinner, Beach Bistro offers fine dining with an incredible water view. Their unique dishes, like filet “sliders,” are a hit.
  • The Seafood Shack Marina Bar & Grill: Located on the water, this spot is known for its fresh seafood and laid-back atmosphere.
  • The Chateau Anna Maria: Another waterfront gem, The Chateau Anna Maria serves up excellent food and impeccable service.
  • Tide Tables Restaurant & Marina: Enjoy a quick bite by the water at this casual restaurant.
  • Star Fish: A classic spot for fresh fish, Star Fish offers a taste of old-school Florida.

Whether you’re craving seafood, beachfront dining, or a cozy cafe, Anna Maria Island has something for everyone.

Where to Shop on Anna Maria Island

Certainly! When it comes to shopping on Anna Maria Islandyou’re in for a delightful experience. Here are some of the best spots to explore:Where to Shop on Anna Maria Island

  • Beach Market at Coquina Beach: This open-air market offers a variety of items, from souvenirs to beach essentials. Stroll along the coast and discover unique treasures.
  • Bridge Street Bazaar at Bradenton Beach: Located on historic Bridge Street, this bazaar is a must-visit. Explore cafes and boutiques while enjoying the island vibe.
  • Island Bazaar: A popular beach store with a wide variety of items, Island Bazaar is perfect for finding keepsakes and unique gifts.
  • The Island Cabana: For resort lifestyle, beachwear, and accessories, head to The Island Cabana on Pine Avenue. They have gifts for both you and your home.
  • Sun & Surf Beach Shop: Find beach gear, swimwear, and accessories at this well-stocked shop. It’s a great place to grab essentials for your island adventure.
  • Restless Natives: If you’re looking for something quirky and fun, check out Restless Natives. They offer unique island-themed items.
  • Shiny Fish Emporium: Dive into coastal-inspired decor and gifts at Shiny Fish Emporium. It’s a great spot for finding beachy treasures.

Remember, these shops are just a few of the many options available. Whether you’re hunting for souvenirs, beachwear, or local crafts, Anna Maria Island has something for every shopper! 

Is Anna Maria Island worth going to?

Anna Maria Island is an absolute gem on Florida’s Gulf Coastand it’s worth a visit! Here’s why:Is Anna Maria Island worth going to

  • Stunning Beaches: The island boasts pristine beaches with white sand and turquoise watersWhether you’re sunbathing, swimming, or collecting seashells, Anna Maria Island has it all.
  • Charming Island Lifestyle: With no high-rises and a laid-back vibe, Anna Maria Island offers an authentic island lifestyle. Explore the historic fishing village, rent a golf cart, things to do in kona hawaiiand take in the slow-paced beauty.
  • Delicious Seafood: From grouper sandwiches to fresh catch of the day, the island’s restaurants serve excellent foodDon’t miss the waterfront dining experiences!
  • Family-Friendly Activities: Whether it’s miniature golf, exploring the Robinson Preserve, or going on a dolphin tourthere’s something for the entire family.
  • Natural Beauty: Anna Maria Island is surrounded by marine life, and you can even charter a boat for nearshoreinshore, or deep-sea fishing.
  • Unique Spots: Visit the historic Anna Maria City Pier, explore the Barrier Islands, and discover hidden gems like Bean Point Beach.
  • Local Vendors: Support local businesses by checking out island vendors, such as Beach Bums for beach gear and Starfish for coastal decor.
  • Impeccable Service: Whether you’re staying at a vacation rental or dining out, the island’s hospitality is top-notch.

In summary, Anna Maria Island offers a blend of old-school Florida charmbeautiful waters, and an island time experience that’s hard to beat. 

What month is best to go to Anna Maria Island?

What month is best to go to Anna Maria Island? The answer depends on what you prioritize. What month is best to go to Anna Maria Island

For warm weather and the most beach time, aim for summer [summer] months, June through August. However, this is also peak season with larger crowds [larger crowds]. 

Shoulder seasons, April, May, September, and October [April, May, September, October] offer pleasant weather, smaller crowds, and lower prices. Spring brings the possibility of spring break crowds [spring break], while fall brings a chance of afternoon showers [afternoon showers].

Discovering Anna Maria: Top Things to Do

Discover the charm of Anna Maria Island, where pristine beaches and turquoise waters await the entire family. Enjoy the beautiful beaches of Holmes Beach, Manatee Public Beach, and Bean Point Beach, each offering white sand and easy beach access. 

Discovering Anna Maria Top Things to Do

Stroll along the historic Anna Maria City Pier and the lively Bridge Street Pier, where you can savor fresh seafood like grouper tacos. Rent a golf cart for a fun afternoon exploring Bradenton Beach and Coquina Beach, or take the island trolley to visit favorite spots like the Reel Pier. 

Engage in aquatic adventures with fishing charters, boat charters, and miniature golf. Stay at top vacation rentals like Silver Surf Gulf Beach Resort for a comfortable beach suite experience. Whether it’s beach picnics, family activities, or enjoying the island lifestyle, Anna Maria Island promises unforgettable vacation experiences filled with natural beauty and family fun. Don’t miss the exceptional food and impeccable service at local restaurants along Gulf Drive.

Visit the Historic Anna Maria City Pier

Visit the Historic Anna Maria City Pier for a delightful experience that captures the essence of old-school Florida. Here’s what you’ll find:Visit the Historic Anna Maria City Pier

  • Iconic Views: The pier extends into Tampa Bay, offering panoramic views of the turquoise waters and passing boats. It’s a photographer’s dream!
  • Fishing Fun: Grab your fishing gear and try your luck. The pier is a popular spot for anglers, and you might reel in anything from snook to sheepshead.
  • Giant Bug-Eyed GrouperKeep an eye out for the giant bug-eyed grouper that often hangs around the pilings. It’s a local celebrity!
  • Family-Friendly: The pier is perfect for a fun afternoon with the family. Enjoy the sea breeze and watch the kids explore.
  • Bridge Street Connection: The pier is conveniently located near Bridge Street, where you’ll find shops, restaurants, and beach gear rentals.
  • Impeccable Service: Whether you’re grabbing a quick bite or simply taking in the view, the service is friendly and welcoming.

So, step back in time and enjoy the classic charm of Anna Maria Island at the historic city pier!

Take an Eco Tour on Anna Maria Island

Here’s a suggestion for your itinerary:Take an Eco Tour on Anna Maria Island

  • Take an Eco Tour of Anna Maria Island to discover the island’s delicate ecosystems. Learn about the flora and fauna of the island, and see some amazing wildlife up close.
  • Eco Tour on Anna Maria Island: Explore the unique towns of Bradenton Beach, Holmes Beach, and Anna Maria City, each with its charm. Bradenton Beach is known for its lively atmosphere and abundance of restaurants and shops. Holmes Beach is a great place to relax on the beach and enjoy some peace. Anna Maria City is the historic heart of the island, with a charming pier and a laid-back vibe.
  • Anna Maria City, Anna Maria Island: Relax on the pristine beaches of Holmes Beach, known for its soft, white sand and calm waters. It’s the perfect place to soak up the sun, swim in the turquoise waters, and build sandcastles.
  • Pristine Beaches of Holmes Beach: Visit Anna Maria City for a Peaceful Island Experience. Stroll down Pine Avenue, the main street lined with shops and restaurants. Visit the Anna Maria City Pier, a great spot for fishing, watching the sunset, or just enjoying the views.

Explore the Island’s Natural Beauty

Here’s an adjusted itinerary focusing on the natural beauty of Anna Maria Island:Explore the Island's Natural Beauty

  • Explore the Island’s Natural Beauty: Immerse yourself in the island’s charm. Hike or bike along the trails, visit Robinson Preserve for birding and nature walks, or kayak through the mangroves.
  • Visit Bali Hai for a Relaxing Afternoon on the Beach: Head to the southern tip of the island and soak up the sun on the pristine shores of Bali Hai. This secluded beach offers calm waters and breathtaking views of the Gulf Coast.
  • Bali Hai Beach, Anna Maria Island: Take a Boat Excursion to Egmont Key for an Aquatic Adventure: Embark on a thrilling boat tour to Egmont Key Explore the historic Fort Dade, discover the island’s diverse wildlife, or snorkel the vibrant coral reefs surrounding the island.


In conclusion, Anna Maria Island offers an idyllic getaway with its pristine beaches, turquoise waters, and charming island lifestyle. From exploring Holmes Beach and Bean Point to enjoying fresh seafood at the Anna Maria City Pier and Bridge Street Pier, there’s something for everyone. Engage in family fun with golf cart rentals, fishing charters, and beach picnics. With top-notch vacation rentals like Silver Surf Gulf Beach Resort, your stay will be comfortable and memorable. Whether it’s the natural beauty, variety of activities or exceptional dining, Anna Maria Island ensures an unforgettable vacation experience for the entire family.

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