10 Awesome Places to Visit In Kyrgyzstan

1. Ala-Too Square, Kyrgyzstan

Ala-Too Square, Kyrgyzstan

Ala-Too Square is one of the most well-known spots to visit. This place has many fountains. Also, it has a big statue of the national hero Manas. This place is the home to the National Museum. You can also see a display of Gold and Silver for which you need to pay extra and they will open the room just for you. 

2. Burana Tower

Burana Tower, Kyrgyzstan

The beautiful Burana Tower is one of the few and one of the best cultural things to see in Kyrgyzstan. It is located only 70 km from Bishkek, the Burana tower is one of the best heritage sites of the famous Silk Road and the only thing left of what was once called the city of Balasagun which was sacked by the Mongols in the twelfth century and finally destroyed in the fourteenth. The area is also full of petroglyphs and balbals, a type of gravestone that was marked by the Turks during their trip through Central Asia.

3. Victory Square

Victory Square, Kyrgyzstan

At the end of the city center, you may visit Victory Square which was finished in the year 1989 to celebrate the victory of the famous patriotic war (2nd World War). The war was failed to reach in Kyrgyzstan but many inhabitants mobilized and it is celebrated proudly. Victory Square monument is in the shape of a yurt and protects the mother of Kyrgyzstan facing North.

4. Karakol

Karakol, Kyrgyzstan: Tian Shan mountains with snow and a traditional yurt in a green meadow.

5. Mount Karakol

Mount Karakol, Kyrgyzstan

Honestly, it is really amazing, although it is likely that you will find enough people during high season and this is the busiest trekking in the country. If you really want to do a trekking of the most unusual, we suggest the Archa Tor which is equally demanding and beautiful and passes over a mountain pass of 3,800 meters from where you get stunning views of Mount Karakol. In addition, along the way, you will find several fields of yurts and nomads who will be more than happy to invite you to eat, without asking for anything in return.

6. Osh Bazaar

Shoppers browsing a section of Osh Bazaar, Kyrgyzstan, with fabrics, clothing, and carpets.

The main market of Bishkek is Osh Bazaar and this place is a great way to get introduced to another culture. This market is a great place to discover some of the Kyrgyz cultures. There are numerous things which you can take along with you. You will also enjoy the atmosphere and the people of Osh Bazaar.

7. Kochkor and SongKul


Kochkor is a base to Song Kul and it is a great base to go to the beautiful and expected Song Kul. In Kochkor, there are several good homestays, as well as a couple of relatively good restaurants. Still, try not to stay much around here. Choose a good home stay to stay and head to Song Kul the next day. Song Kul is definitely one of the best tourist places in Kyrgyzstan which are perfectly understandable. It is surrounded by beautiful velvet hills and located in the middle of a massive plain from where you can see the best sunsets in the country. Song Kul has become the perfect postcard of Kyrgyzstan. It is a place to relax, hang out with the nomads, sleep in a yurt and take half-day excursions.

8. Issyk-Kul Lake

Issyk-Kul Lake, Kyrgyzstan

Issyk-Kul Lake is also one of the most visited places of Bishkek. This lake is also known as the “Pearl of Kyrgyzstan”. It is the tenth largest lake in the world by volume. The entire lake is surrounded by snow-capped peaks so it never freezes. If you want to visit this beautiful place, you can take taxi or mini bus from Bishkek. The marine micro climate and mountains produce a wild and unique environment. This lake is a shelter for very rare animal species that include wild boar, cutter-loader, and snow leopard among others.

9. Engilchek Glacier

Engilchek Glacier, Kyrgyzstan
Engilchek Glacier is the biggest glacier in Kyrgyzstan! It’s near Karakol and it’s huge. From the glacier you can see many peaks 5000 m to 7000m high! Camping on the ice can be a big hard for some but there are many base camps along the way! Make sure to bring very war.

10. Terskey Alatau

Terskey Alatau, Kyrgyzstan

The Terskey Ala-Too is a mountain range in the Tian Shan mountains in Kyrgyzstan. It stretches south and southeast of Lake Issyk Kul, from the river Joon Aryk near Kochkor in the west to the far northeastern part of Kyrgyzstan. The length of the range is 354 km and the highest peak is Karakol Peak. This is one of the best place to explore and visiting Kyrgyzstan.

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