Best Places to Visit In Austria

1. Vienna


Vienna Austria


Austria’s capital and the country’s largest city, Vienna is a cultural haven for music and architecture lovers everywhere. Known for its masked ball tradition, the city hosts over 200 balls a year and there are concerts from some of the most famous historic composers, such as Mozart and Schubert, almost every night. The city also offers some fabulous museums and wonderful restaurants to indulge your curious mind and appetite.


2. Lake Achensee


Lake Achensee Austria


Lake Achensee is known as the “Sea of Tirol” and is a popular destination for surfers, windsurfers, sailors and swimmers in the summer months. Around the lake are lush green meadows, cozy mountain huts, and 500 kilometers of signposted hiking trails. Pertisau, a small town on the southwest shore, provides a great home base in both the summer and winter ski season.


3. Salzburg


Salzburg Austria


Salzburg, considered one of Austria’s most beautiful cities, is picture-perfect. Walk the old streets and take the funicular to Hohensalzburg Fortress for a breathtaking view. Known as one of the largest medieval castles in Europe, the Fortress dates back to 1077. The old town is charming with many small shops and includes Mozart’s Birthplace Museum – well worth a visit.


4. Vorarlberg


Vorarlberg Austria


Vorarlberg is located in the westernmost part of Austria, nestling between Lake Constance and the Alps, neighboring Germany, Switzerland and the principality of Liechtenstein. Pleasantly small in size, this region stands out for high-carat culture and ever-so-stunning natural scenery. Holidays in Vorarlberg Austria! Beautiful scenery and startling architecture. A delight for the senses. The sun rises on the horizon. Peace and serenity reign on the summit. Sweeping views unfold over the mountains, pastures and valleys, extending all the way to Lake Constance. What a glorious start to a day filled with discoveries.


5. Wachau


Wachau Austria


Wachau is less than an hour from Vienna, making it easy to get to. The Wachau World Heritage Trail takes you to numerous fortresses, castles, and monasteries. Hiking the trail takes you through the Wachau wine region with its hillside vineyards, and to the top of the Jauerling, the highest mountain along the Danube River. To experience the trail in all its glory, give yourself a full week to explore. The trail blends scenery, exercise, culture, cuisine and wine into one. It’s all of Austria in one package, and the perfect showcase for first time Austrian visitors.


6. Hallstatt


Hallstatt Austria


Hallstatt is a beautiful UNESCO world heritage site recognized for its stunning architecture and well-maintained landscape. Salt production started the town and dates to the Bronze Age. This quaint village is located on Lake Hallstatt in the Salzkammergut region and is one of the most charming in all of Austria. Take some time to wander the old town, walk the world heritage skywalk, visit the ossuary, get out on the water and tour the salt mine. It’s a hectic day, but completely doable if you arrive early (or stay there) and start with the salt mine tour to avoid the crowds.


7. Lake Constance


Lake Constance Austria


Lake Constance borders Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The area is rich in castles, baroque churches, exquisite town squares and curious museums. The Bathing House, located at the SENTIDO Seehotel Am Kaiserstrand, is home to breathtaking views of this beautiful lake. A 42m long wooden walkway leads from Lake Constance’s shore to the bathing house, built with local silver fir sitting on pilings above the water. The Bathing House provides lounge areas for suntanning and direct swimming access to Lake Constance.


8. Innsbruck


Innsbruck Austria


Famous for hosting the Winter Olympics in both 1964 and 1976, the ski-resort town of Innsbruck is the perfect location to enjoy both winter sports and Austria’s unique culture. One day you can head up to the slopes for some ski action and the next day you can be wandering through a historic cathedral or museum. The possibilities are endless. Be sure to check out the unique Bell Museum, which recognizes the region’s 400 years of bell making.


9. Zell Am See


Zell Am See Austria


If you like immersive wilderness, snow-capped mountains, and tranquil lakes then you will adore the village of Zell am See. Not only is the town set to a backdrop of endless mountain scenery and crystal blue lakes, but it also has some of the world’s best ski slopes. In fact, Zell am See city once hosted a number of international skiing competitions. Be sure to visit the city’s Romanesque 16th century St. Hippolyte’s Church, with its famous walking path. The driving here is also out-of-this-world, take the Grossglockner Alpine Road from here for some of the best Alpine scenery in the country.


10. Bridge in Reutte


Bridge in Reutte Austria


Not for the faint at heart! At a height of 114 meters and a length of 406, the Highline 179 is sure to take your breath away – and that is even before you step out on it. The view is amazing, whether you look around or down as it connects Ruine Ehrenberg with Fort Claudia. But don’t be afraid: the bridge is well secured and can hold 500 people at once.

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