10 Best Places to Visit in Serbia

1. Belgrade


Belgrade Serbia


Belgrade, the capital city of Serbia, is an enchanting metropolis with rich culture and history. The city features dominating fortress, orthodox churches, colorful facades and glittering buildings. It is also famous for its vibrant nightlife and delicious food. This stunning city is included in most of the Serbia packages.


2. Fruška Gora Mountain and National Park


Fruška Gora Mountain and National Park Serbia


Known as the ‘Holy Mountain’ because of 16 orthodox monasteries it hides, the Fruška Gora Mountain is a wildlife reserve. The lush countryside is studded with Trakker and adventure, which makes it a must-visit for adventures enthusiasts. The Fruška Gora Mountain is a great place to enjoy nature related activities such as hiking, climbing and picnicking.


3. Vrnjacka Banja


Vrnjacka Banja Serbia


Vrnjacka Banja is an idyllic spa town endowed with stunning natural beauty. Tourists flock to the beautiful town to soak in its natural mineral springs with curative properties. These amazing healing hot springs were discovered and used long back in time by Romans and Celts.


4. Kopaonik


Kopaonik Serbia


The Kopaonik is the favorite ski destination of the Serbians during winters. However, if you are travelling during summer or spring, you can enjoy activities such as mountain climbing, hiking, and bird watching at the Kopaonik


5. Lepenski Vir


Lepenski Vir Serbia


 Lepenski Vir is a renowned archaeological site that dates back to 6,000 BC. The preserved buildings and sculptures at Lepenski Vir are interesting to observe. If you are a history lover, you will definitely enjoy visiting Lepenski Vir.


6. Niš


Niš Serbia


Niš is the third largest city of Serbia which also happens to be the birthplace of the famous Roman Emperor, Constantine. Memorial of Constantine the Great & The Niš Fortress are the main attractions of the city.


7. Zlatar


Zlatar Serbia


The beautiful Zlatar Mountain Range is a paradise for nature lovers. It is the perfect place to breathe in some untainted mountain air and soak in the sight of lush meadows, lakes, valleys and forests. The Uvac Meanders Nature Reserve is one of the best places to visit in Zlatar. This beautiful natural reserve is among the few remaining natural habitats of the rare Griffon Vulture. While at Zlatar, you can enjoy activities such as boating, rafting, and fishing.


8. Novi Sad


Novi Sad Serbia

Novi Sad is the second largest city in Serbia which is home to the famous Petrovaradin Fortress built in the 17th century. People flock to the city to attend the music festivals hosted in the summer. You can also enjoy the wonderful Danube River Cruises at Novi Sad. 


9. Mokra Gora


Mokra Gora Serbia


Mokra Gora is renowned for its lush valleys and spectacular landscape. Taking a train ride from the Mokra Gora railway station is the best way to enjoy the stunning beauty of the place.


10. Drina River


Drina River Serbia


The Drina River boasts a wealth of natural beauty. The river is particularly known for offering the best white water rafting experience in Serbia. The Drina River is one the beautiful and amazing place in Serbia. The Darina River is filled with pure natural and awesome landscape.

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